Sunday, 22 September 2013


Elsa...your second week at ballet class. I watched you in the hall with the biggest smile. I giggled as you tried your best to skip. My heart swelling when you twirled...your eyes in awe of the real ballerina teaching you.

"A portrait of my child...once a week...every week in 2013"
Linking up with Jodi (and many others) for this project.


  1. Look at how proud she is. Beautiful photo! Lovely to 'discover' your blog through Che and Fidel. x

  2. she looks so happy in her ballet class!!!
    you're lucky, where i live ballet classes start from 5 years old...

  3. Beautiful! I felt the same when Lamb had her first ballet lesson. I couldn't help but giggle when they all tried to do a curtsy - one of the always stacks it.

  4. So adorable - up on her tippy toes. Sweetheart