Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Elsa..unwrapping the last of the Christmas chocolates.

And the last in this series of photos. I am so pleased that I saw this project through...a huge credit to Jodi because I know had I not had the goal of sharing these images of my precious girl on a weekly basis with others I wouldn't have this collection to reflect on. I was inspired massively by the photographers around the world who took part. I can't wait to get these pictures printed up in a book for us all to enjoy in years to come.

I know that the 52 project is continuing in 2014 but for now I will just dip in and out with photos of our Little Lioness in this space. She is now four. With an even louder roar! So it just feels right to step back a bit.

"A portrait of my child...once a week...every week in 2013"
Linking up with Jodi (and many others) for this project.

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